A new version of Bulkr (v0.30 beta) is available!

Bulkr is a desktop application that allows you to backup or download photos from Flickr. Over 4 million photos have been downloaded using Bulkr in the past 4 months. Users have been frequently sending requests for features they would like to see in Bulkr. Some of those kept coming back and were the most wanted. And all of them have been incorporated in a new version of Bulkr. Here they are:

v0.30 beta:

  • Download photo metadata (titles, tags, descriptions etc)
  • File names up to 255 char are supported (previously only 50)
  • Up to 500 photos can be downloaded in a batch
  • Photos of Family/Friends can be downloaded
  • Photos can be opened on Flickr right from the thumbnail view
  • Thumbnails now load 50% faster!
  • Copyright information is now more prominent (colored)
  • Under-the-hood improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • UI tweaks

The feature to be able to download Photo metadata (title, tags etc) was the most requested feature. Right now these data are downloaded to a separate .txt file, but future versions will have more robust support.

Also now you can download upto 500 photo in a batch. The previous cap was 200. This was another popular request by people who had fast internet connections and wanted to download a lot of photos.

Here’s how to get the new version:

  • If you have already installed Bulkr: When you open Bulkr next time you will be asked to update to the never version.
  • If you are yet to install Bulkr: Head over to Bulkr and hit the Install Now button and start downloading!

You do not even need a Flickr a/c to be able to download photos using Bulkr. Just install it and start searching from millions of photos. Want wallapapers? Want art? Want inspiration? Flickr has them all and with Bulkr it’s ¬†just few clicks away from your desktop.

Check out the latest version of Bulkr.