Bulkr Installation FAQ


Bulkr uses Adobe's AIR runtime to run on Windows and Mac machines. As of January 1 2021, Adobe has transitioned platform support and feature development of Adobe AIR to HARMAN (a wholly‐owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.). Because of this there as been some issues with installation of apps (including Bulkr) which uses the AIR runtime. HARMAN is currently working on releasing the next version of the AIR installer which should hopefully automatically solve all the persisting issues.

I cannot install Adobe AIR. What should I do?

After the transition of Adobe AIR to HARMAN on January 1 2021, Adobe has removed downloads of Adobe AIR from their website. We are providing download of AIR, which was previously available on Adobe website. According to HARMAN, they are preparing to release a new version of AIR soon.

I cannot install Bulkr v1.8. What should I do?

After Adobe removed AIR download from their website on January 1 2021, there are been some issues while installing the latest version of Bulkr. Please follow all the steps metioned on the installation page and you should be able to get Bulkr running on your Windows or Mac computer.

Why do I need to change my computer date before installing Bulkr?

After the transition of AIR from adboe to HARMAN, there has been some issues with installation of Bulkr on some computers. This can be fixed by temporarily changing the date of your computer to any date before 31st December 2020 (we recommend 30th December 2020) and then installing Bulkr. After the installation is complete, you can change the date on your computer back to the current date.

Will Bulkr keep running if I already installed it before January 1, 2021?

Yes. If you installed Bulkr prior to January 1, 2021 it will continue to work.

Will you continue to provide support for Bulkr?

Yes. We will continue to provide support if you have issues with the installed version of Bulkr. If you have issues with your Bulkr PRO license key, please contact us.

If you have any other question, please let us know.

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