Bulkr Release Notes

v1.8 (current)

  • Signed with new certificate from DigiCert
  • Bug Fixes


  • Switched to SSL-only access (Important update!)
  • Sets are now Albums (as per Flickr's new layout)
  • Bug fix: Photos will not be repeated when viewing Groups photos
  • Bug fix: Search results difference between Bulkr and Flickr is fixed
  • Bug fix: Bug fix: Medium size photos will be downloaded instead of error thumbnails if large size is not found
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Various Bug fixes


  • Videos can now be downloaded
  • Photo thumbnails are larger
  • Photo details page shows larger photos (if available)
  • Bulkr window automatically maximizes on load
  • Replaced FlickrAuth with OAuth (Important update!)
  • Various UI tweaks
  • Several under the hood improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Safe search can be disabled - access to restricted photos
  • Downloaded photos have same file name as photo title
  • Shows you when you last backed up your photostream
  • Button to view folder where photos are downloaded
  • PRO users will see a "pro" icon beside Bulkr logo
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Existing photos are automatically skipped (Flickr stream can now be "synced")
  • Geotag info is downloaded to photo EXIF(XMP). This is a PRO feature.
  • Geotag info and Upload date is written to .txt file
  • Photo names are now unique Flickr photo IDs (enables sorting)
  • Bug fix: "Modify, build upon" license showed results incorrectly
  • Bug fix: Correctly allows photo download according to it's privacy settings
  • Various bug fixes
  • Under the hood improvements


  • This is a major release. Bulkr PRO has been introduced.
  • Auto retry if connection breaks during download
  • Larger photo preview (same as Flickr's new layout size)
  • "Browse to photostream" button in photo viewer
  • Feedback button built inside Bulkr
  • Fixed major metadata download bug
  • Under the hood improvements
  • UI tweaks
  • Bug fixes

v0.50 beta

  • Title, tags etc can be written to photo EXIF (wohoo!!)
  • Browse/ download photos from any Flickr group
  • Non-english characters can now be used to search
  • Shift key can be used to select a range of photos
  • Major improvement to underlying framework
  • Added bubble notification system
  • More under-the-hood improvements
  • UI tweaks
  • Bug fixes

v0.30 beta

  • Download photo metadata (titles, tags, descriptions etc)
  • File names up to 255 char are supported (previously only 50)
  • Up to 500 photos can be downloaded in a batch
  • Photos of Family/Friends can be downloaded
  • Photos can be opened on Flickr right from the thumbnail view
  • Thumbnails now load 50% faster!
  • Copyright information is now more prominent (colored)
  • Under-the-hood improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • UI tweaks

v0.16 beta

  • Sort feature added to group selected photos
  • Existing photos are not replaced when downloading sets
  • Explore dates are displayed correctly
  • Last selected photo size is remembered
  • Last selected folder location is remembered
  • Privacy settings for each photo is read
  • Selection for download is based on photo license
  • Added buttons to link to homepage, blog, Twitter, FAQ
  • UI tweaks
  • Bug fixes
  • Under-the-hood improvements

v0.11 beta

  • Bug fixes for Windows (critical)
  • User buddy icon displayed in "user search" page
  • Existing photos are not replaced but given new names
  • Thumbnails try to load themselves again if connection fails

v0.9 beta

  • Many new features added in this version!
  • Photo preview
  • Browse Explore photos
  • Browse any Flickr user's photos
  • Added graphics icons and fade in/out effects
  • Download can be resumed if connection breaks (yes!)
  • Errors are handeled gracefully
  • Large size download available
  • Different sizes reference photo added
  • Added Bulkr logo
  • Current version number is shown in app
  • User can choose to view 50, 75, 100 or 200 photos per page
  • Set name and photo count in set displayed
  • While saving photo name are same as Flickr photo title
  • Various UI tweaked and user interface improved
  • Various "under the hood" fixes
  • Various bugs fixed

v0.1 beta

  • Initial upload. Let the fun begin :)