Upgrade to a new version v1.7

Upgrade to new version of Bulkr!

Flickr recently updated its web and mobile apps to use HTTPS and is permanently deprecating non-SSL access to its API from 27-June-2014. You can read more about this announcement on Flickr Developer Blog here.

We have released a new version Bulkr v1.7 to comply with the change. Please note that all other versions including v1.6 will not work after 27-June-2014. Therefore, we request all our users to upgrade to a new version Bulkr-v1.7 before 27-June-2014.

Upgrading to v1.7 is easy and it takes only few minutes! Please follow the steps below:


Bulkr v1.6 users:

  • When you open Bulkr, you are prompted for an update.
  • Click ‘Download now’.
  • After download finishes, click ‘Install now’. All your settings will be preserved.


Bulkr v1.4 and other versions users:

  • You must uninstall Bulkr.
  • Restart your machine.
  • Download Bulkr-v1.7 from Bulkr Homepage. Just press the “INSTALL NOW” button.


If you face any issue, please contact us through our feedback page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for using and supporting Bulkr!