Bulkr v1.7 is now available!

Good news everyone! We are delighted to announce the release of a new version Bulkr-v1.7 with a couple of new changes and bug fixes.

You can download the new version from Bulkr Homepage, just press the Install Now button. For Bulkr-v1.6 users, the new version simply replaces the existing version while preserving all your settings, so there’s no need to uninstall a current installation. But if you have v1.4 and older versions, you must first uninstall the current installation from your computer before installing the new version.

Below are the feature highlights for this release:

  • Uses only HTPPS protocol
    Bulkr-v1.7 makes only HTTPS call to Flickr which means connection between Bulkr and Flickr are much secure than before. This is a very critical update since Flickr has already updated its web and mobile apps to use HTTPS only. Flickr has also strictly enforced third party apps or plugins to use HTTPS protocol, otherwise such apps will no longer work after 27-Jun-2014!Bulkr - download photos from other Flickr users


  • Say goodbye to error thumbnails
    In previous version, Bulkr downloads an error thumbnail that says “This image or video is currently unavailable!”. This happens when you download large size photos but that size is not available on Flickr. With the new version, medium size photos will be automatically downloaded for you instead of error thumbnails.


  • Shows “View Folder” when downloading photos
    In case you need to confirm where Bulkr is downloading your photos/videos, you can now directly open the folder. You do not have to wait for the download to finish!View destination folder while downloading photos


  • Sets are now Albums
    Do not get confused, if you cannot find your Sets! Bulkr v1.7 renames Sets as Albums. This change has been incorporated in Bulkr as per Flickr’s new website. The word ‘Albums’ sounds more practical and familiar than Sets!Download Albums (previously known as sets)


  • Improved search results
    The search results of Bulkr-v1.7 have improved and are much more accurate than previous versions. Enjoy searching awesome Flickr photos with Bulkr!


  • Fixed Flickr Groups photos repeating issue
    When you browse photos of any Flickr ‘Groups’ in previous versions, same photos are repeated after certain pages.  This issue has been fixed in Bulkr-v1.7.


  • Lists Flickr Groups that you admin
    Do you admin any of the Flickr Groups? If yes, this is a good news for you! Bulkr-v1.7 now also lists Groups that you admin, so enjoy browsing & downloading photos from your Groups right from Bulkr! Previous versions show only the Groups that you have joined. 


We are looking forward to hearing your valuable feedback and suggestions!

  • Dietmar Stockinger

    Thank You very much for the work you’ve done on Bulkr! Would be great to have some overwriting/skipping rules for existing files in future versions!