5 facts you didn’t know about Bulkr

Bulkr stats

2 years ago, I wrote a blog post about how Bulkr has been used to download 1 million photos from Flickr. That number has changed substantially today. Bulkr has been doing great in the last 2 years especially after the release of  Bulkr v1.6. Thousands of users install Bulkr every month and  we are happy to share some of the facts and figures with you. Thanks for all your support and we hope to get the same kind of inspiration in the future.

So what is the statistics telling about Bulkr?


129+ million photos downloaded!

As of this writing, the total number of photos downloaded with the help of Bulkr is enormously high with more than 129 million photo downloads. This figure indicates the popularity of Bulkr among Flickr users and the usability of this software to download photos in bulk. Have tens of thousands of photos in your photostream? Want to back them all up with a click of a button? Or want to download from millions of amazing photos on Flickr? Bulkr has you covered! If you haven’t already, install it for FREE here.


73+ Terabytes of photos downloaded!

The total Flickr photos downloaded by tens of thousands of users was 73 Terabytes! This means 59,000 – 1 GB pen drives were filled and over-flowing! You don’t have to worry about the size of the pictures you want to download but only enjoy the experience of downloading photos in bulk which is as many as 500 pictures at a time.


73,000+ users!

The total authenticated Flickr Users who tried and tested Bulkr were more than 73,000+! Well, what more can we say, when we can only see this figure going up in future.


120 countries, 2253 cities!

Bulkr has been used to download Flickr photos by people around the world. To be exact, a total of 120 countries or 2253 cities have Flickr users who trust Bulkr to download photos in bulk and backup their photostream. Where there is internet and Flickr, there is Bulkr!


Heating the Flickr API pipes!

Over 100 million “conversations” have been documented between  Bulkr and the Flickr servers. Technically, Bulkr uses the Flickr API to fetch information from Flickr. Everytime you see Bulkr list photos from Flickr, it’s making 1 API call. The stats have it that so far Bulkr has “talked” to Flickr servers for more than 100 million times to retrieve photo information.


We are thrilled to be able to share such stats. Of course none of these would’ve been possible without all the users who use and support Bulkr. We really appreciate your comments and feedback. 

Have you tried Bulkr yet? If not, test it for FREE here. And if it fancies you, join thousands of customers and become awesome with Bulkr PRO!

  • Avinash Nishant


  • Shopnix Cloudnix

    Fantastic!! Grrrreat Going!!!

  • TerryPA

    I’m looking for a flickr backup solution for my aunt. How does Bulkr handle duplicate set names? Does it overwrite the second set? How does it handle collections (folder in a folder?)

    • Hi Terry, when you download two sets with the same name. Only one folder is created for both sets and photos are downloaded to it. As for collections, Bulkr currently doesn’t support it. Please send me a message here if you have any other question: http://clipyourphotos.com/feedback. Thanks!

  • DannyBoyJr

    I am having problems connecting to Flickr (client says “unable to reach Flickr), even though I can load the website from my browser. Does that mean Flickr is banning Bulkr using its API?

    • Syrus Bajracharya

      Bulkr is working fine! 🙂

      The issue could be due to temporary hiccups in the connection between Bulkr and Flickr. If you try again after few minutes or hours, you should not be receiving the message you mentioned above.

      Please let us know if you are still facing the issue.

  • ps

    Does Bulkr download full size videos from flickr as well?

  • Don Pomponio

    #bulkr – how many photos a user can download using the “free download” and how much is the upgrade to unlimited downloads cost? With either free/upgrade app. version, is the photo metadata also dowloaded? Is #bukr able to download (connect) directly to another app such as Adobe’s LR 5 or iPhoto/aperture?


    • Syrus Bajracharya

      You can always download and install free version from http://clipyourphotos.com/bulkr.

      Free version can:
      – Backup photos in large size with ‘Backup your photostream’ feature.
      – Download 3 to 5 albums depending on numbers of album you have.
      – Download 50 photos/page upto 2 pages.

      PRO version can download ‘original’ size photos along with metadata. For full PRO features and price details, please visit http://clipyourphotos.com/bulkr/pro.

      Bulkr cannot connect directly to another apps, you can always import photos to your desired apps.

  • Eitan

    I tried Bulkr to download videos and pictures and I could not play the videos, it says that there is an issue playing them (possibly codec).
    when I open it in Flickr or the original in my PS it works well,