Flickr’s April Fools prank: Pandas and Rainbows!

Every year different popular websites have their share of fun on April 1st. Some of the most notable ones being from Google. Don’t believe me? Check out Google Romance! It’s just one of dozens of April fools pranks they play every year.

This year’s April 1st was even more interesting because even Flickr played a small joke!

Flickr's April Fools

Above are photos which were on Explore Front Page on April 1st 2010. Many of the photos were of Pandas and Rainbows.


So, what’s so special about China’s national animal and rainbows, you may ask? We all know Explore is where Flickr showcases 500 most interesting photos for any given day. But did you know, Explore photos are selected from the set of photos vomited by a Panda! No, really! Check out the vomiting in action here:

Maybe Flickr thought it was time to give the vomiting giant a break and feature it on Explore. And what better day to do that than on April 1st?

Now, not everyone was thrilled by this though. I got a mail from a Flickr member asking me if featuring only black and white animals on Explore was a joke, and that she was not laughing. Well too bad for her, but hey let’s all see the humor in it. After all the world will get back to normal tomorrow 🙂

Few other pranks (by Google):